Registration Holds
A list of registration holds and whom to contact to resolve them.
Registration Hours
An explanation of credit hours and billing hours
Visiting Student Research Registration
Registration forms for visiting students that need to be registered for research.
New Registration Experience
Details about the new registration experience available to Northeastern students.
I Am Here (Attendance Verification)
Students are required to confirm that they will be attending the classes for which they are registered via myNortheastern at the beginning of each term.
Registration Overview
An overview of important steps to take during the registration cycle.
Co-op Registration
Information regarding co-op registration for Northeastern students.
Information regarding the Cross-Registration Agreement between Northeastern and four Boston-area institutions.
Individual Instruction Registration
Directed study courses are available for non-CPS undergraduate and graduate students at Northeastern.
Marine Studies Consortium
Registration procedures for non-Northeastern students participating in Marine Studies Consortium classes taught at Northeastern.
Nanomedicine Academy Registration
Registration procedures for non-NU students auditing Nanomedicine Academy courses at Northeastern.
The Learning Link Program
Local residents ages 55 and older have the opportunity to audit classes at Northeastern through the the Learning Link program.
Cross-Level Registration
Instructions for students requesting to take a class at a different level at the university.
Registration Dates and Deadlines
Important registration dates and deadlines for all student levels, including class add and drop deadlines.
Time Ticketing
All non-CPS undergraduate and graduate students will receive a time ticket indicating when they can register for classes for each term.
Drop a Class
Information and instructions for dropping classes from your schedule.
Class Waitlists
Some closed class sections offer the opportunity to be placed on a waitlist.
Registration Error Messages
A list of registration error messages that may be encountered while registering and how to resolve them.
Audit Policies
An overview of audit policies for Northeastern University students by level.
Final Exam Information
If you have a final exam conflict, you must submit a Final Exam Conflict Form to the Office of the Registrar.
Pattern of Attendance (POA)
Information about patterns of attendance and expected graduation dates.
Nonmatriculated Registration (Special Students)
Students outside of Northeastern University and Northeastern employees may take a class as a special/non-degree-seeking student.
Late Course Registration
Students must complete a Late Course Registration request via myNortheastern to register for a class after the online add period has passed.
NEC/NU Joint Certificate Programs in Music Performance
Registration procedures for the New England Conservatory/Northeastern University Joint Certificate Programs in Music Performance.