Just want to take a class?

If you would like to take a class at Northeastern and are not enrolled in a degree program, please view registration instructions for Nonmatriculated Students.

Northeastern students can register for classes in the Student Hub > Resources tab > Academics, Classes, & Registration > Course Registration. Make sure you complete all of the necessary actions below for a successful registration experience.

Review your curriculum

Touch base with your advisor to discuss which classes you should take in the next semester.

Review your degree audit via the Student Hub > Resources tab > Academics, Classes, & Registration > My Degree Audit to ensure you are fulfilling the necessary degree requirements. It may be helpful to save a copy of your audit to reference during registration.

Plan your schedule

Search the class schedule to find sections of the courses you need to take that fit into a schedule that works. For undergraduate and graduate students (non–CPS), the schedule of classes is made available three weeks prior to the first date of registration. CPS students will be notified by their academic advisor when the schedule of classes is available for viewing.

Note the five-digit CRNs (course registration numbers) of the class sections you would like to take. You will need to enter CRNs when adding classes.

Review registration dates

Review registration dates in the academic calendar to find out when you will be able to register for classes in the Student Hub.

Undergraduate/Graduate Students (non–CPS): Verify your time ticket via the Student Hub on the Thursday morning prior to the start of registration. Please refer to the section on Time Ticketing for more information on this process.

All College of Professional Studies (CPS) students can register at any time after registration opens for a semester/quarter.

Make sure you select the appropriate term for your level.

  • Undergraduate and graduate (non–CPS) terms end with “Semester”
  • College of Professional Studies ends with “CPS Quarter” (graduate CPS) or “CPS Semester” (undergraduate CPS)
  • Law terms end with either “Law Semester” or “Law Quarter”

Register for classes

You must register for classes via Course Registration in the Student Hub. You will need to enter the five-digit CRNs when adding classes.

Registration errors

You may encounter error messages while attempting to register for a class. Please refer to Registration Error Messages for how to resolve these errors.

Class waitlists

Some closed classes offer the opportunity to be placed on a waitlist. Please refer to Class Waitlists for detailed information on waitlist procedures.

Cross-level registration

If you would like to take a class outside of your current level, please refer to the Cross-Level Registration section for instructions on how to register.

Review billing hours

Some class offerings may have different credit hours and billing hours, such as labs, recitations, dissertations, etc. It is important for students to review their total number of credit hours and billing hours each term to understand their forthcoming bill. Please refer to Registration Hours section for instructions on how to view your billing hours.


“I Am Here” (Attendance Verification)

All students are required to complete “I Am Here” at the beginning of each term in order to retain their classes. Please refer to “I Am Here” (Attendance Verification) for more information about this process.

Class add/drop deadlines

Please refer to the academic calendar for your level-specific dates of the last day to add a class, the last day to drop a class without a W, and the last day to drop a class with a W for the term.

Final exams

Review the Final Exam Information to see if any of your final exams are scheduled for the same date/time. If so, you will need to submit the Final Exam Conflict Form to have your final(s) rescheduled.

Drop a class

Students can drop classes but will be held to the drop deadlines for the semester. Please refer to to the Drop a Class section for detailed instructions and drop deadlines.