Important Note

Directed study courses are available for non-CPS undergraduate and graduate students at Northeastern.

Undergraduate (non-CPS) and Graduate (non-CPS) students may request to take an individually instructed course during their studies at Northeastern. Students should consult with their academic advisor or student service office before registering for an individually instructed course. All signatures indicated on the form are required in order for the course to be created and the student registered.

Undergraduate students may register for an individually instructed course if it is approved by their academic advisor and fits one of the following criteria:

  • Gap in curriculum
  • Required in curriculum

Complete the Undergraduate Directed Study Registration form to register for an individually instructed course. Forms are due by the last day to drop a course without a W grade for a term.

Courses available for individual instruction:

Course Number*Course NameCreditsNotes
4992Directed Study1-4
4993Independent Study1-4
4996Experiential Education Directed Study4
4970JR/SR Honors Project 14Requires honors attribute
4971JR/SR Honors Project 24Requires honors attribute

* Course numbers are not available for all subject codes. Please refer to the Academic Catalog to ensure your requested subject/course combination is an option.

Students may also take the exact curriculum of an existing course as an individually instructed course if the class is not offered and is required for degree completion. Only Box 2 of the Undergraduate Directed Study Registration form should be completed for these requests.

NUpath: To request the addition of one or more NUpath attributes to this class section, please use the Class Section NUpath Form.

Directed Study

Graduate students (non-CPS) who would like to register for a directed study course that is not listed in the class schedule must complete the Graduate Directed Study Registration form. This form can be mailed, dropped off, emailed, or faxed to the department/college’s Graduate Student Services Office for the required approval(s). The Office of the Registrar will process the registration form once the college has verified and approved the directed study course.

Students in the following colleges must also complete the following college-specific forms for a directed study:

  • College of Arts, Media and Design—Directed Study and Readings Contract
  • D’Amore-McKim School of Business—Graduate Business Programs Directed Study Application
  • Bouvé College of Health Sciences—Bouvé College of Health Sciences/Graduate School Directed Study Form
  • College of Science—Directed Study and Readings Contract
  • College of Social Sciences and Humanities—Directed Study and Readings Contract

Readings, Research, Thesis, Dissertation, & Continuation

Non-CPS graduate students who would like to register for a readings course, research course, thesis, dissertation, or continuation with their advisor (and the class is not available in the class schedule) must complete the Graduate Registration Form for Nonscheduled Classes.

This form can be emailed, dropped off, mailed, or faxed to the appropriate department/dean’s office for approval. We will process the registration once the college has verified the course.

Note: Students in the College of Arts, Media and Design; the College of Science; and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities should send this form to their department, NOT to the dean’s office.

CPS graduate students should contact the College of Professional Studies at for assistance.