Nonmatriculated Registration (Special Students)

Students outside of Northeastern University and Northeastern employees may take a class as a special/non-degree-seeking student. The class schedule is available online. Depending on which term you search, choose the appropriate level below and follow the instructions to register for a specific class.

  • Undergraduate and graduate (non-CPS) terms end with “Semester”
  • College of Professional Studies ends with “CPS Quarter” (graduate CPS) or “CPS Semester” (undergraduate CPS)
  • Law terms end with “Law Semester”

If you are currently a Northeastern student, please refer to the Cross-Level Registration page on how to register for a class in a different level.

Students may petition to take undergraduate classes on a semester-by-semester basis. Approval is based on the student’s academic qualifications and on the space availability of the class. Nonmatriculated undergraduate students may take up to 20 cumulative semester hours at Northeastern (not including related labs).

Registration Process

Step 1: Print out the Undergraduate Special Student Form.

Step 2: Find the class you want to take by searching the class schedule by term. In doing so, please note the following information:

Step 3: Contact the student service department of the college offering the class to obtain the dean’s office signature:

College of Arts, Media and Design617.373.5583
100 Meserve
D’Amore-McKim School of Business617.373.3270
250 Dodge
Khoury College of Computer and Information Science617.373.2462
202 West – Village H
College of Engineering617.373.2154
220 Snell Engineering
Bouvé College of Health Sciences617.373.3320
120 Behrakis
College of Science[email protected]
College of Social Sciences and Humanities617.373.3980
180 Renaissance Park
Office of the Provost617.373.8589
110 Churchill

Step 4: Submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.

Step 5: You will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar confirming your registration when it is complete.

Step 6: Students will need to complete “I Am Here” (attendance confirmation process) through the Student Hub. “I Am Here” begins the Thursday before classes start. The link can be found during that time in the Student Hub.

Classes are billed at a per-credit-hour rate. Follow this link and click Tuition under Undergraduate to view the undergraduate (non-CPS) per-credit tuition rates:

Admission and registration requirements and restrictions vary by college. Please review the graduate college admissions website of the college offering the class for admissions instructions and further information.

College of Arts, Media and Design

Bouve College of Health Sciences

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

College of Engineering

Khoury College of Computer Sciences

College of Science

College of Social Science and Humanities

Classes are billed at a per-credit-hour rate. Follow this link and click Tuition under Graduate Programs to view the graduate (non-CPS) program rates:

To register for a  class from the College of Professional Studies, follow the instructions on the College of Professional Studies website:

Classes are billed at a per-credit-hour rate. Follow this link and click Tuition under College of Professional Studies to view the undergraduate courses and graduate courses tuition types: