Some class offerings may have different credit hours and billing hours, such as labs, recitations, dissertations, etc. It is important for students to review their total number of credit hours and billing hours each term to understand their forthcoming bill.

Please refer to the Billing & Payments section of the Student Financial Services website for detailed information on tuition. The below are general guidelines.
• Graduate and College of Professional Studies Students: Billed per billing hour.
• Undergraduate Students and JD Law: Flat-rate tuition includes up to 16 billing hours.

You can view your billing hours, which may differ from credit hours, in the Course Registration link in your Student Hub. Please refer to the below screenshots for how to view your billing hours in a term.


Select one of the two links:


Schedule View (under View Registration Information)
(You may need to hover over the bar under the below arrow to pull it down to view your hours if registered for more than four classes.)


Registration View (under Register for Classes)