Pattern of Attendance (POA)

Important Note

Patterns of Attendance are only used at the Undergraduate (non-CPS) and Law levels.

Patterns of attendance (POAs) indicate a student’s intended enrollment plan year by year (i.e. in class, on co-op, etc.). POAs also calculate the expected graduation date for an Undergraduate (non-CPS) or Law students based on the year of study. Each POA consists of a two-letter code and a numerical year of study.

Patterns of for Undergraduate (non-CPS) students should be chosen based on the student’s intended study path for the Fall and Spring terms and their expected graduation date. The Registrar’s Office does not use the pattern of attendance for the Summer terms. Enrollment statuses for summer are based on a student’s actual registrations and are updated before the first summer bill, then subsequently on Fridays if registration changes are made.

Students can register for classes under any enrollment status and should contact their academic advisor or co-op coordinator if a change to the pattern of attendance needs to be made.

Academic advisors and co-op coordinators can use any pattern for any student as long as it accurately reflects the student’s Fall and Spring plans and expected attendance graduation date. Please reference the Patterns of Attendance document under Important Actions for the list of available patterns.

Advisors and Co-op Coordinators should submit pattern of attendance changes via the POA change website.

Reference the Calculating Expected Graduation Dates document under important actions for a reference on how to choose the correct year of study to calculate an expected graduation date per pattern.

Patterns of attendance are only used for Law students earning their Juris Doctorate or Master of Laws (LLM). Law students who require a change in pattern of attendance should contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs [email protected].