Level-specific policies for auditing a class are available below.

Full-time Northeastern students (16 credits at the undergraduate level and 8 credits at the graduate level, before the audit registration) may audit one class per term as an overload with no additional charge.

  • Students are permitted to register from the end of the course-add period to the end of the third week of classes.
  • Registration is based on the availability of a seat in the class.
  • Students must obtain advisor approval and meet the prerequisites and any other required approvals for the class.
  • Instructor permission, as well as approval by the associate dean of the college offering the course, is required.
  • The course work required is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Once a student opts to audit a course, the audit status of the course cannot be changed.
  • First-year students may not audit classes.
  • A signed Petition to Audit must be presented to the Office of the Registrar during the designated audit-add period.
    • Students will not be registered for approved audited course(s) until after the add period is over for the intended term.
  • Excluded courses are co-op, labs, language courses, any off-campus course, any online course, and any course required for the major or degree.
  • Audits carry no academic credit.

Please refer the CPS Undergraduate Catalog for the audit policies for this level.

Please refer the CPS Graduate Catalog for the audit policies for this level.