Student Records

Degree Audit
The degree audit tool allows students and advisors to run coursework through curriculum and track academic progress towards graduation.
Banner Student Access Request
Required form for faculty and staff to obtain Banner Student Advisor access.
Legacy Semester Course Number System/Leveling
Every legacy semester course number at Northeastern University consists of three parts.
Student Right-to-Know Act
Completion or graduation rate of certificate- or degree-seeking, full-time students.
Enrollment Status Reporting—National Student Clearinghouse
Reporting and schedule of students’ enrollment status to the clearinghouse.
Student Data Policies for University Employees and Third-Party Contractors
FERPA information for university employees and approved third-party contractors.
Faculty Grade Submission
Information for faculty on submitting grades for students.
How to Calculate Your GPA
Instructions for students to manually calculate their grade-point average (GPA).
Definitions of Undergraduate Student Class Standing
Definitions of student standing based on earned credit hours.
University Grading System
Grades are officially recorded by letters according to undergraduate, graduate, and School of Law audiences.
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
FERPA is a federal law that governs and protects your rights to your individual educational records.
Incomplete Grades
Students who receive an Incomplete (I) grade in a course should complete an Incomplete-Grade Contract with the instructor.
University Withdrawal
Students wishing to withdraw from the university should do so via the Registrar Forms link in the Student Hub.
Leaves of Absence
Directions for students requesting to take a leave of absence from the university.
Updating Personal Information
Make changes to a student's name, social security number, citizenship, or address.
Transfer Credit
Policies and practices regarding transfer credits from outside institutions.
Requesting Student Data
The Office of the University Registrar provides data to faculty and staff primarily for internal education needs.