Faculty Grade Submission

Faculty should submit grades via Employee Hub or directly.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for your level to view applicable grade submission deadlines.

University Grading System

  • The only grades a student can earn will appear in the menu next to the student’s name. For example, if a student has chosen to take your course on a pass/fail basis, letter grades will not appear in that student’s grading menu. Instead, you will see the options S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), and X (incomplete) from which to choose.
  • Not Enrolled (NE)—The Last Attend Date is needed if the final grade assigned to a student is an NE (not enrolled). “The student has not withdrawn from the class” message occurs when you assign a student an NE grade. It is just a note to let you know the student is still enrolled in the class.
  • Pass/Fail—Students need to submit the Petition to Elect Pass/Fail Grade Form to the registrar’s office by the end of the second week of the semester to declare their intention to receive a pass/fail grade. Please review “Pass/Fail System” in the “Academic Policies and Procedures” section of the latest Undergraduate Catalog for more information.
  • Incomplete (I)—Each student who is issued an incomplete grade must fill out an Incomplete-Grade Contract. After you, the student, and your dean have signed the form, it should be delivered to the Office of the Registrar.
  • In-Progress (IP)—An in-progress grade does not require an Incomplete-Grade Contract, and there is no time limit for you to submit a change-of-grade card.
  • Final grade entry is available at the beginning of the term. Only the primary instructor will have access to submit final grades. Final grades must be submitted via the Employee Hub.
  • You will be notified each term and course under My Courses.
  • Make sure you choose the correct term and course under My Courses .
  • You can revisit your grades and make changes as much as you like before the grade submission deadline.
  • If the drop-down menu is no longer appearing next to a student’s name on your grading list, it means that his or her grade has been “rolled” to academic history. A green check mark will appear next to “rolled” grades.
  • Once the grade submission deadline has passed, grades that have been submitted cannot be changed online. Grade change forms must be completed and are available in your department office.
  • Every student needs to have a grade entered by the grade submission deadline.
  • There is a 35-minute time limit for you to submit grades. The clock starts when you enter the Faculty Grade Entry page. You can click the Save button at the end of each page to save your progress and restart your time for the next page. Please submit grades often.
  • On the Faculty Services tab of SSB is a link to Summary Class List. Click the Summary Class List link. If the grades you just submitted show up on this list, your grades have been saved.
  • If you wish to print your final grades, after you have entered grades for all students and clicked Submit, go to the Summary Class List. Then go to File > Print on the toolbar.
  • Students can see the grades you have assigned them after the grade submission date, when grades have been “rolled” to academic history. Once a grade has been rolled, a student can view the grade online through the Student Hub.

Enter https://me.northeastern.edu into a browser and log in.

Go to                     Resources

Select                    Financial Services

Select                    Banner Finance(SSB)

Select                   Faculty Services tab

Select                   Faculty Grade Entry

Select                   Appropriate courses

  • Your assigned section(s) will display for your selection.
  • Choose the course you want to view from the list.
  • Enter a grade for each student in the assigned drop down box.

*You can hit the Save button at bottom of page at any time.

Note: If you have a large number of grades, it is recommended that you hit the save button frequently to save grades as the system will time out after 35-minutes.  You can also choose to use the export/import an excel spreadsheet grade roster option. You can change a grade you have submitted until the deadline that grades are due for each term. At that time, the Registrar’s Office will “roll” submitted grades and the rolled grade indicator will be checked for each student.