Legacy Semester Course Number System/Leveling

Important Note

The information on this page pertains only to semester courses from fall 2003 through summer 2009. For courses from fall 2009 onward, see current course number system/leveling.

Every legacy semester course number at Northeastern University consists of three parts:

  • A two- or three-letter department code
  • A single-letter code, most commonly U to indicate an undergraduate course or G to indicate
    a graduate course
  • A three-digit number

For example, in the course number ECN U115, ECN is the department code (indicating the economics department), U indicates an
undergraduate course, and 115 is the three-digit number.

The single-letter code and three-digit number together indicate the course level.

Code and
Not for degree credit
U100–U299Introductory level
Normally without prereqs
U300–U499Intermediate level
U500–U699Advanced level
U700–U799Research, thesis, capstone
Normally repeatable for credit
U900–U999Special course work
Includes directed/independent study, special topics/problems/projects, seminar, workshop, practicum. Normally
repeatable for credit.
Code and
Not for degree credit
G100–G199Introductory graduate level
G200–G399Master’s- and doctoral-level course work
G400–G599Master’s-level internship and tutorial
Includes clinical practice, directed study, and readings
G600–G699Master’s-level research and thesis
G700–G799Doctoral-level course work
G800–G899Doctoral-level research and dissertation