Enrollment Status Reporting—National Student Clearinghouse

The university reports students’ enrollment statuses to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) periodically throughout the academic year. The NSC then reports this information to the National Student Loan Data System. This information is used to determine Title IV grant and loan eligibility, as well as establish loan repayment schedules. It is important that students are aware of their time status for a given term and how it impacts their eligibility.

The first report for a given term is submitted to the NSC once add/drop activity for a term is complete, and reports will continue to be sent to account for students who may be registering late in the term or withdrawing from classes.

Please note that only domestic students with a social security number on file with the university will be reported to the NSC. International students and/or students who do not have a social security number on file will not be reported.