Reserve a Classroom for ISEC

The scheduling area of the Office of the Registrar is responsible for the placement of classes into the most appropriate rooms in the university’s classroom inventory. Our goal is to schedule classroom space to match the needs of faculty and students with the resources available and to accomplish this in the most efficient, consistent, equitable, and accurate manner possible. We are always mindful that we are bringing faculty and students together for learning.

How to Reserve ISEC Space

Please read the attached full document before requesting to book an ISEC space.  Once you have read through the full document, you begin the scheduling process by logging into your myNortheastern, clicking on Services and Links, Faculty/Staff Services, Academic Classroom Scheduling. This will take you to 25Live, our classroom assignment software. You can begin by checking availability by date or location, then proceed to “Create an Event.” Instructions on How to Navigate 25Live are available by going to

If you need further assistance, please contact Scheduling by calling 617.373.2300, then selecting Scheduling. Please fill in as much of the information requested on the form as you can. We understand that you may not yet have all of the information on the planned event. If you are requesting use of the Atrium a Budget number must be included to confirm the reservation. Once you have added the event to 25Live it will be reviewed. You will receive a confirmation or a request for further information.

If you are a Student Group looking to book ISEC for an event, please contact Curry Student Center scheduling at Only Curry Student Center can book ISEC for student events.

If you are looking for conference room space instead of the first floor classroom space, please email the Operations Director of ISEC, Elham Ghabbour at directly.

Reservation Policies

  • The guiding principle when scheduling these event spaces is that the core functions of the building are research and teaching, and that events should not disrupt the researchers or class schedule. Please note that classroom space availability is dependent on the academic calendar and term class schedule and unable to be reserved until both schedules are finalized by the Registrar.
  • Events that use a single room (one classroom, the auditorium) and do not disrupt the class schedule, will be available for scheduling through the Registrar’s office. Depending on AV and room configuration needs, ITS may need to be consulted. A table cannot be places in the Atrium for food or registration without renting that space. Food and Drink are not allowed in classroom space.
  • Events that utilize the Atrium, or multiple rooms on the first floor, have the capacity to be disruptive to the operation of the building. These events will also require a fee of $3,500 (for the first four hours; after that an additional charge of $150/hour will be applied) that will support the space and some aspects of organizing events. Please provide your budget number when requesting for this space(s). A table can not be places in the Atrium for food or registration without renting that space.
  • Classes will only be scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the day. There will be no evening classes (after 5:40pm) or classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Event reservations are to be requested for times outside of the class schedule. Tuesday and Fridays will not be available for recurring meetings as they are meant for conferences.
  • Please note the ISEC building is closed on Sundays to events that are not conferences. No student groups, reoccurring meetings, or small meetings are allowed on Saturdays due to lack of security. Any other event will have to be approved by the building operations director.

Space Available

  • *Room 102 (Auditorium) maximum capacity 300 as follows: 275 installed seats
  • *Room 136 (Classroom) maximum capacity  48
    • Set up as 6 pods seating 8 with a monitor attached
    • Technology cannot be rearranged or removed
  • *Room 138 (Classroom) maximum capacity 48
    • Set up as 6 pods seating 8 with an monitor attached
    • Technology cannot be rearranged or removed
  • *Room 140 (Classroom) maximum capacity 48
    • Set up as a lecture room with 6’ tables and chairs
  • *Room 142 (Classroom) maximum capacity 48
    • Set up as a lecture room with 6’ tables and chairs
  • Room 101 (Open Atrium) capacity varies with the setup
  • Any request to exceed the stated capacity limits will have to be approved by the NU Fire Marshal through the Division of Public Safety’s Fire Safety Unit.
  • There is a fully functional catering kitchen on the first floor.
  • No furniture should be moved in these spaces without NU facilities.
  • Building hours are 6am – 11pm, including any set up needed.

Note:  you can go to to View the Classrooms to see these rooms. 

Event Cost Estimate

This is a general estimate of costs associated with running a four-hour event including setup and breakdown in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex. If your event has setup, breakdown, or rehearsal times that will exceed four hours and you need a detailed quote, or have any other specific question regarding costs, please email the operations director of ISEC, Elham Ghabbour, at

Events that utilize the atrium, or multiple rooms on the first floor, have the capacity to be disruptive to the operation of the building. Therefore, such events will require the endorsement of the senior vice president for the group sponsoring the event. These events will also require a flat fee of $3,500 (for the first four hours, including setup and breakdown); after that, an additional charge of $150 per hour will be applied.

As a general overview, the $3,500 flat fee includes building services setup and breakdown and housekeeping services. The fee does not include audiovisual services (ITS or Event Management, or third-party technical services); rentals from external vendors (furniture, décor, lighting); police detail; catering; catering kitchen cleaning; signage; or parking.

Staff Associated with Scheduling Events in ISEC

Danielle Lucas
Associate Registrar
Phone: 617.373.2300 or 617.373.2786

Elham Ghabbour
Operations Director
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex
Phone: 617.373.7915

Nicole Rakitin
Director of Classroom Management and Scheduling
Phone: 617.373.2300

Please consult the Interdisciplinary Science Engineering Complex Event Planning Information for additional information before submitting your request.