NEC/NU Joint Certificate Programs in Music Performance

Important Note

Academic calendars vary between NEC and NU. Students are responsible for attending all classes in either or both terms.

The School of Continuing Education at the New England Conservatory (NEC) and the Department of Music at Northeastern University (NU) jointly offer a General Certificate of Merit in Music Performance (24 credits) and a Professional Studies Certificate in Music Performance (48 credits). These programs are geared toward NU undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in improving their abilities to perform on an instrument or voice in the classical or jazz styles.

The certificate in music performance is in addition to the student’s NU undergraduate or graduate degree—it is an entirely separate and distinct credential. Credits for courses toward the music performance certificate are accumulated and billed separately from credits toward NU undergraduate or graduate degree programs and are not eligible for financial aid. However, NU courses being taken toward a major, a minor, or as purely elective credits in undergraduate degree programs may also be applied toward the performance certificate.

Courses are offered at NEC (predominantly related to music performance) and at NU (predominantly related to music history and music theory). NEC courses are scheduled during evenings and weekends.