Double Majors and Second Bachelor’s Degree

Double Major

Students may earn a double major by gaining admission to the second major and by completing all requirements for both majors. Because some double majors will have a significant overlap in courses, all double-major proposals must be approved by the home college of each major in the proposed double major. Students completing a double major receive one degree and one diploma. The two majors appear on the transcript. If the two majors are in different colleges, the degree is associated with the major in the home college.

Second Northeastern University Bachelor’s Degree

To earn a second bachelor’s degree after earning a first bachelor’s degree from Northeastern, a student must be granted admission to the second program, enroll at Northeastern, and complete all requirements for the second major that are not already on the student’s transcript. Outdated course work may not be accepted. Students must earn a minimum of 32 semester hours beyond those earned toward the first degree. A second diploma will be awarded and the second degree will be noted on the transcript.

Students must complete an application with the home college of the intended degree. Some programs may require prerequisites prior to admission. Students should apply by the normal transfer deadline to ensure timely consideration. The college makes the determination on admission; notifies the student of this decision; and, if the student is admitted, provides the student with a program of study and reactivates the student’s record. International students must consult with an advisor in the Office of Global Services to request updated documentation reflecting engagement in the second bachelor’s degree program.