New Courses and Course Revisions

Course Number Registry Forms have traditionally been used to establish new courses and to initiate revisions to existing courses. All schools and colleges except the School of Law now use the CourseLeaf system for this purpose.

All courses outside of the School of Law are created through CourseLeaf.

The Course Number Registry Form is used for all School of Law courses. This form is designed to gather information on proposed courses and course revisions for the Banner database.

  • This form must be completed and submitted electronically; paper forms will not be accepted.
  • If this is a NEW COURSE, complete all questions on the form. If this is a COURSE REVISION, complete questions 1–4 and then complete only those questions that contain information that is actually changing.
  • After this course has been formally approved by the School of Law, save the completed form to your hard drive and send it as an email attachment to This should occur at least 15 days prior to the planned listing of the new course with the registrar’s office.

Catalog Editing

Departments and colleges can modify their areas of next year’s catalog during the allotted editing time.

Catalog editing is currently closed.