Important Note

The Registrar reserves the option to review all requests and deny any considered to be excessive.

Course descriptions may be obtained by written request to the Transcript Office. The letter of request may be mailed or faxed. There is no in-person counter service. Course descriptions are provided FREE of charge, but due to the excessive time required to produce them, the turnaround time is several weeks. Rush service is NOT available. The request must contain the information required for a transcript, and it must identify the course(s) needed by course number and year(s) they were taken.

The Archives and Special Collections Department at Snell Library will also make photocopies of course descriptions for a fee of $10.00 per request (not per course description). The turnaround time is five business days. For this service, send a check or money order, payable to Northeastern University. Include the course number, course name, and the year the course was taken for each course needed. Credit cards are not accepted.