Students with academic interests spanning two disciplines may choose to pursue a combined major. A combined major is one major that includes at least nine courses from each of the two participating disciplines. No more than two courses may count for both disciplines, i.e., there must be at least 16 courses in the combined major. At least one of the courses is an integrative course that acts as a bridge between the two majors being combined. The combined major should be declared by the end of the first semester of the junior year. It is generally advantageous to declare the combined major as early as possible, especially when highly structured disciplinary components are involved.

See the online list of current combined major program options. Students may request admission to a combined major by following the standard procedure for changing majors. A home college is designated, in which the student will be registered and from which he or she will be graduated. Many combined majors allow the student to choose the home college. Upon graduation, students receive one major, one degree, and one diploma. The combined major and home college will appear on the transcript and diploma.

For student use in planning a combined major

College of Arts, Media, and DesignCombined Major OverviewAdvisor Contact Page
Khoury College of Computer SciencesCombined Major OverviewAdvisor Contact Page
Bouvé College of Health SciencesCombined Major OverviewAdvisor Contact Page
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For faculty advisor use during combined-major approval process

College of Arts, Media and DesignAlison Ottaviano[email protected]
Damore-McKim School of BusinessLauren DeSantis[email protected]
Khoury College of Computer SciencesJessica Biron[email protected]
College of EngineeringCandace A. Martel[email protected]
Bouvé College of Health SciencesCarmen Sceppa[email protected]
College of ScienceAmber Watson[email protected]
College of Social Sciences and HumanitiesLaura Green[email protected]