The Office of the Registrar, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, administers the TRACE (Teacher Rating and Course Evaluation) system for undergraduate and graduate courses at Northeastern University. Academic policies for TRACE were instituted by the 2011–2012 Faculty Senate and are explained in an important letter from the Faculty Senate TRACE Implementation Committee.

When I log in to take t­­­­­he TRACE survey, there is no survey available. What does this mean?

It is possible that you’re in a class with fewer than five students or your instructor is not being evaluated. If this is not the case, please email [email protected] to notify the administrator of the problem.

How do I provide proof of TRACE completion?

You can print out a list of your completed surveys by going to the drop-down menu under the home tab, in the right-hand corner, and selecting My Evaluations. You will also receive an email at the end of the day that will list all of the evaluations you completed that day.

How do I ensure that my TRACE responses were submitted successfully?

You will be able to review all your responses before submitting your evaluation and will then receive a confirmation in the system once it has been submitted. You will also receive an email confirming all the courses you evaluated at the end of the day.

Can I opt out after the TRACE survey administration period has closed?

No. If you wish to receive credit for participation, please log into TRACE through myNortheastern during the open period, choose to opt out on the first page, and submit your response.

How long will the TRACE survey be available?

The TRACE survey will be available through the finals period each semester.

I received a TRACE email for a course I am not taking. Whom do I contact?

If you are not enrolled in a course for which you received a TRACE email invitation, please do not complete the survey. Email [email protected] to notify the administrator.

The instructor listed for my class is not correct. What should I do?

Please email [email protected] with the course number and section.

Can I update my TRACE survey responses?

Once a survey has been submitted, it can no longer be updated.

Can you reopen the TRACE survey?

TRACE is not available after the close of the administration period.

Can instructors see the identifying information of students who submit TRACE?

No. All TRACE submissions are confidential and anonymous once survey responses are submitted.

Will my final grade be affected by my TRACE survey?

No. Submitted TRACE survey responses are not viewed by instructors until after grades are posted.

Are the TRACE surveys available after finals?

The TRACE period is open through the last day of final exams.

Why do I keep receiving reminder emails from TRACE?

The reminder emails are sent to encourage completion of the TRACE surveys assigned to each student. Reminder emails are not sent once all surveys assigned have been completed.

How do I see past evaluations of instructors?

If you go to TRACE and select the reports tab at the top of the page, you will be able to select report browser. You can then choose a term, school, department, instructor, and course. Once you have chosen the criteria for your search, you will see classes listed below. Click the view button. This will bring you to the general ratings of the class and instructor. To see comments, select comments report from the drop-down window in the upper-right corner of the report. You will see course comments first and then will have to click to drop down instructor/general comments below the course comments.